Thursday, September 19, 2013

Best Friends & Co-Conspirators

     It's funny how a person comes into your life and somewhere deep inside, you just know this person will always be there, come hell or high water, thick or thin, good or bad, always and forever.  Time can pass, years even without seeing each other but when you do it's like you've never been apart.  You just pick up right where you left off with no explanations, anger, or's just not necessary, not with a best friend.  It is a connection that is hard to replicate or explain.  They are not replaceable because a best friend occupies a place in your heart that cannot be filled by anyone else.  You may have other close friends but there is only one true best friend.  You trust them with your life, your kids life.  You tell them things you would never tell anyone else, you do things with them you'd never do with anyone else and you love them in a way you'd never love anyone else.  And they love you the same way despite your flaws and problems.  They are your co-conspirator because they are in it with you all the way up to your necks or worse.  They laugh, cry, and sympathize with you when needed and then snap you out of it when you go overboard.  They're your sanity, your rock, your funny bone, your stylist, your conscience and sometimes the only brains you have!  God Bless'em!
     I've always believed to have one best friend is to be rich beyond all means.  I know this to be true because I have Tempie.  There is no one like her and never will be.  She is that one best friend for me.  She is the one constant in my life, my lifetime co-conspirator, my confidant, my voice, my cheerleader.  My best friend of 50 years, through hell and high water, thick and thin, good or bad, always and forever.

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