Wednesday, October 14, 2009

High School Again!? But I'm 50!! Part Two!

I guess I'm just a sucker for punishment. Once again I enter the forums hoping to find a thread with good, useful, tempered information, with little or no bickering. But instead, the first thread I come in on, quickly becomes an argument of opinion. How can you argue an opinion? Isn't that just what it is, an opinion? Don't we all have them, or at the least, aren't we entitled to one? I suppose that depends on your opinion, if, and I mean a BIG IF, it is the same as everyone elses. If not, quick as the next comment loads, you will not be considered popular by many! The minute it happens, you will soon find there are some very quick witted, some very sarcastic, some downright hateful people in the forums. It doesn't take long to figure out that some people ask for opinions, but then are offended by the ones that differ. By having a different opinion, it's like they are being told they are wrong. And some people just cannot stand to be wrong! They might as well just say, " post only if you are in agreement with me." I guess it's in some womens nature, hormones, or hard headedness, that makes the forums so touchy. Maybe it's just the high school leftovers, that some never get rid of. But I'm guessing, these women, probably behaved just the same in high school. How well I remember those girls! The best thing I know to do is to read'em and move on!

I didn't spend much time in that thread, figured I had read all the high school bs I needed for one day. But all in all, most of the forums are very informative and can be a lot of fun. I have had the pleasure of associating with a lot of real, honest to goodness, grownup women, too busy to be in high school, or to play the high school games. They don't stay in the negative threads long, but go off to find one thats a little more civil and productive. I guess we are just too durned old to be playing high school games and bickering. It just takes too much energy! (Energy, well, now that's another blog for another day!)

To me, navigating the forums has become pretty simple. It's a choice, plain and simple. If it feels like high school, sounds like high school, acts like high school, then be prepared for high school drama. If your in the mood to revisit high school, then open that door and stroll down the halls. With all the drama, pettiness, bickering, and name calling, it won't take you long to appreciate graduation, adulthood, and all the ups and downs that come with it!

**Note to blog readers. This is about no one inparticular, so if I offend anyone, I apologize. We just differ in opinion


  1. "post only if you are in agreement with me."

    lol. so true XD

    i hope i don't come off as one :P

  2. I commend you on your comments in this post. I agree too - (so I am posting! Not arguing. LOL) Really, why generate more drama online. Don't we all have enough drama in our "real" everyday lives? We all do have a choice how to feel. We, of course, cannot control others, but we certainly can take charge of our own feelings, and choose to be positive and accept that we are all different, and that's ok. Why is it so all important to argue our opinion? It's still our opinion, and we don't need to convince others that we are "right" in order to own that opinion. Thanks for speaking up about this. It was very refreshing!